If you do not have online default, you probably have some questions and thoughts about how it goes on, what to think about and what service to choose etc. Here you find things that are good to know before you start. Inspiration to the article is downloaded from the DatingExperten Marie Hagberg’s book “online dating – all you need to know”.

Networking grows – Why are network dating growing? Can it be because it actually works too many? Nowadays, it is not strange, foam or unusual to search for love through dating leaves and dating apps. In Sweden, there are many happy couples who found each other through the network. Networking is increasingly recognized in the media and newspaper reports about couples who have met online are becoming more common.

Describe yourself – in the dating profile you can write a short presentation about yourself. Was detailed, especially when it comes to your interests and your personality; Also write what kind of person you are looking for. This increases the chances of getting in touch with people you have something in common with. Also not be afraid to write any line about your less good pages.

Upload a picture – a picture says more than a thousand words. With a picture in the dating profile, you have much greater chance of being contacted. Several surveys have shown the same thing, an image can give up to five times more contact requests.

Test different pictures – probably you have many pictures of yourself lying at home or on the computer. One tip is to replace the profile picture a little now and then, you will notice that some pictures provide more profile display than others. Once you have tested a little different pictures and arrived, which works best, use it for a while.

Switching image is also a way to get more recurring visitors to the dating profile. We humans are good at remembering pictures, and if a person has visited your dating profile once, chance is great that he or she will not return. If you change the picture, it is great chance that the person examines your profile again.

Try several dating sites – that Sweden is far ahead in technology development is also noticeable on the date and apps. The larger ones have quick, user-friendly interfaces that make it easy to browse profiles and interact with other members. To find right it is not stupid to try more than a favor. There are various types of pages: more general, more image-focused, niche, matchmaking sites.